About Us


Our company started its business life in 1997 as a spare parts supplier for trucks, trucks, and trailers. It developed and continued his business life as a new and second-hand tractor and trailer gallery under the name of Ali Yayla Otomotiv in 2003.

By the years of industry experience, with the developing and growing trailer market. We have started the Low bed trailer production for special purposes and projects under the name Komodo Trailers in order to have a share of the market. 
Nowadays, by working hard every day to find and develop smart and extractive solutions for heavy-duty operations on main roads or off-road and we aim to be a global manufacturer with our superior experience and power of innovation.
With our impressive reputation in the domestic market for finding effective solutions in the difficult roads of multi-vehicle transportation. we have combined the uncompromising dedication, high production standards, and customer-oriented sales-service enabled us to create useful vehicle designs.
And our reliable operations are based on the high technology standards

Consequently, we offer tailored and finely tuned vehicles to your service.